Body Games is Dax Beaton, Kate Thompson and Adam Graetz.

Using a luscious mixture of synthesizers and samples laid over methodical beats, we make club bangers for introverts. On stage, video is projected onto a massive, translucent scrim sheet that is suspended in front of the band, combined with a synchronized and colorful light show that adds another dimension to our live sound.

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by Body Games | Released March 15, 2016

EP by Body Games | Released May 26, 2015


On Damager, Body Games Makes Beautiful, Broken-Hearted Electronic Pop
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"Music this deeply conflicted and instantly accessible is rare. At least at first, you will love these songs. And in the long run, you will be bothered by them, as haunted by what they have to tell you about the world as the people singing them seem to be."
- Indy Week // Grayson Haver Currin
Hear Body Games' excellent new Local Love Vol. 1 EP in full
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"With a counterintuitive but compelling sense of structure, their songs veer into unexpected places. And with a narcotic sense of timing, as though they’re making this music stoned and with the lights off, Body Games find a vibe they like and don’t mind lingering there."
- Indy Week // Grayson Haver Currin
Body Games skillfully perfects dark pop with haunting full-length “Damager”
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"Body Games pulls from sonic directions that suggest everything from Animal Collective to El-P to early Bjork."
- Amplifier Magazine // J. Neas
Damager review
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“But Body Games never relies on these samples; they’re always accents on already-fleshed-out songs. Truth in any genre (whether a loner on a laptop or a baker’s dozen with horns, strings, and backup singers): start with good songs, and the rest will take care of itself. Body Games starts with good songs.”
- How Strange (It Is To Be Anything At All) // John Guerin